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Digital Platforms: The Key to Global Partnership and Innovation

Digital Platforms UAE

Dec 05 , 2017 | By Omar Hassan

The business world is in a constant state of evolution. New companies enter the ecosystem every day, carrying with them new business models and technologies. At any given moment they could transform an entire industry. Partnerships between startups and corporations drive innovation.


Contrary to popular belief, innovation is not a single ‘Eureka’ moment but rather a process to be developed. The right partnerships cultivate an environment to capture the process of innovation, providing foresight into market possibilities and trends, both of which fuel innovation. So how can you make a connection to forge the ideal partnership?


Whether you are an established corporation looking to invest in the next big product/service or a new startup looking to expand your reach, a digital platform such as Inevert provides the ideal solution to empower partnerships and propel innovation. Our digital platform allows startups and corporates to find each other according to established opportunities or challenges. From the development of a project or an initial investment to co-creation or developing a vendor relationship, digital platforms lead to mutually beneficial real outcomes.


The Power of Digital Platforms


Digital platforms leverage the latest innovative technologies with a global reach to connect startups and corporations.


-  Eliminate the impact of geographical barriers - Digital platforms allow businesses of all sizes, across a wide breadth of industries, to conduct operations and build relationships beyond the constraints of their geographic location.


-  Connect new and diverse types of businesses - Digital platforms enable access to a vast market of investors who are interested in finding a variety of returns funding. Closely related to the reduced impact of geographic barriers, online platforms make niche businesses more viable by expanding their potential customer base.


-  Reduce costs - Potential cost reductions associated with digital platforms flow from many different channels including search costs (for customers or staff), reducing marketing spend, improving marketing effectiveness or collecting customer feedback.


Digital Platforms and Startups


Finding sufficient tools and resources to expand your startup can be expensive and time-consuming. That's where a digital platform such as Inevert can prove beneficial. Online platforms serve as the bridge for startups to connect their business more efficiently with global corporate partners.


Our global online platform and network empower budding startups to access the latest in innovative projects, connecting them with corporates who can impact their business with industry guidance and support. With a digital platform in your corner, you can save valuable time and effort on business efforts while tapping into the global market.


As a startup, your budding business may run into little bumps along the path to growth and development. Connecting with a corporation can help your organization grow and thrive. From procuring investment funding to tapping into their vast connections, a partnership with a corporation will provide your organization with the resources you need to empower your startup while simultaneously promoting innovation.


So how can a digital platform help? A digital platform can connect your startup with global brands, granting you access to opportunities that will expand your startup in a manner that suits your current needs and requirements. From building a plan and seeking additional funding for your next big project to expanding your client base, a digital platform offers a modern platform at the touch of your fingertips.


Digital Platforms and Corporations


Technology is becoming moderately inexpensive, and it is being rapidly developed by startups. While corporations offer large distribution channels, they are constantly searching for innovative technologies to enhance their business quickly, without adding to their overhead. Working with startups is the best way for corporates to find, test and develop market-changing technologies and solutions. Inevert provides a digital platform for both market forces, startups, and corporates, to drive innovation.


Corporations benefit from collaborating with startups by sourcing the latest business models or technologies, which helps to avoid the inflexibility commonly faced when trying to do things internally. Collaboration produces powerful synergies that can have a very positive impact and minimise each party’s weaknesses, improving the industry as a whole.


So how can a digital platform help? A digital platform will connect your organization with the perfect startup to meet your needs. When you connect with the right startup you can create a partnership that cultivates an environment where fresh ideas mingle, shifting perspective and driving innovation.


The Win-Win Partnership


The collaboration between corporations and startups creates a win-win solution not only for both parties involved but also for their respective industry and the entrepreneurial ecosystem. It’s a driving factor of growth for both local and global economies, propelling innovation and fueling technological and market growth.


To learn more about how a digital platform can help connect you with the next big startup or corporate partner, contact the experts at Inevert today.

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